Child First Project

Child First Project

We want to create an online portal that provides direct living information from child rearing professionals for mothers and fathers


Preventing child abuse
with us, Child First Project


The project was started by Kosuke Kobayashi, pediatrician and the director of Kodomo no Mikata. The project brings together creators, child care specialists, and non-profit organizations specializing in children’s well-being to actively promote the values of Child First, the idea that prioritizes the safety of children above all else, looking at the world from a child’s point of view.

The problem of child abuse is not black and white. To a certain degree, anyone can be at risk of committing abuse. However, child abuse can be prevented.

The first step of the project was the production of a movie that aims to promote awareness in order to prevent child abuse. The second goal is the completion of an educational online portal aimed at parents raising children. The project is establishing a platform for providing direct living information for child rearing mothers and fathers. Moreover, we hope that the project can decrease the number of abused children and parents committing child abuse even by just one.

Please join the fight and become a member of the child abuse prevention team.


NameChild First Project
RepresentativeKosuke Kohashi 


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