International School of Science Japan 設立プロジェクト

International School of Science Japan 設立プロジェクト


We will establish an international school with a focus on science


—We will produce future innovators and scientists who will solve global issues and create new values—


We will make a school like none other before

—We will reinvent schools—


In 2020, we will open an international school and produce individuals who will solve global issues and innovate with the power of science. We will reconstruct and reinvent the norms in education, such as classrooms and physical restrictions, timetables and standardized schedules, and the century-old way teachers convey knowledge to students.


The characteristics of the ISSJ school

Project-based curriculum: Based on projects that students set themselves, they will organize assignments, investigate, form hypotheses, analyze, communicate, manage projects, and acquire necessary knowledge. The role of the teachers is not to “teach”, but to support the students’ projects and create opportunities of learning.


The ISSJ aims to create “a learning community, not a school”

The ISSJ is aiming to create a learning community where multiple sister schools, universities, institutes, and companies can interact organically and share information.


Join the ISSJ’s Summer School Project

Let’s build an exciting future together.

Prior to establishing a high school in 2020, the ISSJ is hosting Summer Schools. In the summers of 2015 and 2016, students from around the globe have attended with the aim to innovate the world with science. We are looking for corporations and institutes that will work with us and support our Summer School and the establishment of endowed courses.


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【教育支援】教育は安全保障 科学に特化したインターナショナルスクール設立プロジェクト 奨学金基金設立に向けて

「未来の科学者・イノベーターを育てるサマープログラムを実施 経済的理由で参加困難な生徒のための奨学金支援をお願いします」 「変わり者だったり、異端児だったり、そ

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